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Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me: A Cow!

Wednesday 20 August 2014

A Cow!

I started writing a blog yesterday but never did get a chance to complete it and the little I did write now seems irrelevant and boring so...a fresh start.

I learnt this morning that Tyger needs not only his pants completely off when he uses the potty (fair enough) but also his socks.  I haven't been putting him in socks as it's been hot and he often just seems to find them uncomfortable but I was in the kitchen this morning preparing his breakfast and feeding the multitude of cats (three - two ours and one our parents/my old cat from living at home as a child) and heard him crying in his bedroom.  Normally he's quite happy to play in there until I get him so I went to investigate and he had managed to shut his sock drawer on his arm (why he didn't just open the drawer with his other hand is not clear but then two year old logic is often shaky at best).  This was quickly rectified by me opening the drawer and releasing him but it obviously reminded Tyger of the existence of socks and he asked to wear them.

However, socks and going to the potty are not compatible in Tyger's world and he's needed them taking off both times ('a-sock-a-off').  I'm still elated he's making such good progress with the potty (excepting one spot of wee in his pants we've had four dry/clean days in a row) so am happy to comply.

Another Tyger quirk, worthy of note, was his episode with the horse yesterday.  He has a small rocking horse in his bedroom that he likes to be brought through to the living room (as well as a huge cuddly dog) at some point in the day.  Yesterday he asked for his horse as usual and I went to get it.  I appeared in the hallway with said horse and exclaimed, 'Look, what's Mummy got?'  To which Tyger replied, 'A cow!' and proceeded to throw a tantrum.  When I tried to bring the horse further I was told 'no' and Tyger pushed the poor horse away.

I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand his little mind.

In other news entirely, the demon husky caught a pigeon the other day.

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